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Boulder Journey School

Boulder Journey School


Take the next step in your journey as an educator, leader and activist! Apply now for the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program.

Boulder Journey School is recognized internationally for innovation in early childhood education and teacher education. Developed in partnership with the University of Colorado Denver and the Colorado Department of Education, the Teacher Education Program offers a one-year master’s degree and teaching licensure residency program.

This program features a paid, year-long residency teaching experience. As a Resident Teacher, you’ll co-teach alongside a mentor teacher at Boulder Journey School or at a partnering school. 

During your residency, you’re invited to act as a leader and advocate in the field of education, through hands-on experiences. You’ll create and implement contextual curriculum, design learning environments and partner with families and community members. You’ll also travel to Reggio Emilia, Italy to participate in a week-long study group experience.

This program also offers a Teacher of Record pathway for those who are currently employed or in the process of obtaining employment  in a sole or lead teaching position. 

Visit the website to learn more about the Residency and Teacher of Record pathway!


  • College or University
  • Boulder, CO

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Sorrell Redford

The Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program prepared me in ways I couldn’t have foreseen. I learned that my power as an educator lies in my creativity and advocacy. These were strengths I didn’t know I had until my time at Boulder Journey School, and I use them every day in my career.

Sorrell Redford

Boulder Journey School

Master’s & licensure

Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program

  • 14 months

    Program Duration

  • In-person, Online, Hybrid

    Program Format

  • Pre-Test Required


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Program Info

Graduate with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Colorado Teaching License.

The Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program (BJSTEP) is the result of a deep, long-term desire to advocate for highly qualified teachers in an ever-changing world. We aim to elevate the early childhood education profession and the image of early childhood educators. This program is innovative, constructivist, and always evolving.

Our mission is to advance a new cadre of experienced professionals and change-agents. We seek to nurture a growth mindset and a lifelong excitement and curiosity for learning, and we provide the necessary credentials to fulfill Colorado’s need for highly qualified teachers.

We place Resident Teachers in a one-year residency while they earn their master’s degree and teaching license. Resident Teachers receive support as they engage in personal and professional growth. Our Resident Teachers have an open mind and a willingness to try new things, embrace the unknown and sit with dissonance. In collaboration with mentors and other residents, Resident Teachers can expect to cultivate the following professional qualities:

  • Professional Character
  • Reflective Observation
  • Creativity
  • Resiliency & Humility
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Courage, Critical Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Literacy of Technology
  • Visionary Leadership

Someone applying in the Teacher of Record pathway can work in any area of Colorado and receives the support of both a school mentor and program mentor.


Application Fee & Annual Tuition

  • $22,000

    In State Tuition

  • $22,000

    Out of State Tuition

  • $75

    Application Fee

Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Boulder Journey School have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Boulder Journey School to see if you can, too!


Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

Check the BJSTEP website for updates on stipends and scholarships, including the HB22:1220 Stipend for eligible candidates for the 23-24 program year.


Student Loans, Payroll Deduction

Student loans are available. Please refer to our FAQ page for more details.

Work Study, Working While Still Enrolled

All Resident Teachers complete a 12-month paid teaching residency, as an employee of their practicum placement site. Resident Teachers earn $13.65 per hour for working a minimum of 1,000 hours, totalling a minimum of $13,650 before taxes. 

Teachers of Record are either already employed or in the process of obtaining employment as the sole/lead teacher in the classroom.


For more information visit:Financial Aid Office

Licensure Areas

Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education (Birth-8)

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