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When I decided to become a teacher, I didn’t realize I’d have to be an advocate and motivator. I didn’t know that I would be, at times, the only person fighting for the education and future success of some kids. Whether it be bilingual kids, special ed kids, gifted and talented kids, some children haven’t been taught to strive for excellence. By the time they get to me at 10 years old and still don’t have that passion lit in them… I know I have to fight and spend the energy to help them take charge of their education so that they get the great education that they deserve.

As an advocate I feel... on fire. If I don’t do it, who else is going to do it?

About 50% of the kids I had this past year were bilingual students. Those are the students who need the most support and advocacy. They’re coming into a school where their parents don’t speak the language. We want them to be not just bilingual, but bi-literate and bicultural. I help my bilingual students form their identity as a bilingual person in our world. I personally have struggled with my identity as a bi-racial person. I started learning Spanish in 8th grade and when I became fluent, it was like there was a piece of me that I had been missing was found. I know that feeling of finding an identity and I want to help my kids find that identity too.

Miranda Tacoronti Fort Worth ISD TeachDFW Ambassador
Mrs. Miranda Tacoronti
Undergraduate School(s)
Certification Program(s)
2016 Elementary Teacher of the Year - Fort Worth ISD
2016 Teaching Chair of Excellence in Elementary Reading Finalist - Fort Worth ISD
Teaching Area
5th Grade Dual Language Literacy
5th Grade Dual Language Social Studies