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Great teachers aren't born. They're made.

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To teach a public school, you need to graduate from an accredited teaching program. Teaching programs arm you with the skills and knowledge to teach in your chosen grade and subject. 

Let’s break it down and find the right path for you.

4 Ways to Complete Your Teacher Training

Everyone approaches the teaching profession differently. Click the tabs to learn about the different pathways you can take.

Not All Programs Are Equal

Remember that states have different certification standards for teaching programs. If your state does not recognize your program, you won’t be able to get your teaching certificate. Double-check that your program:

  • Is state-approved for where you want to teach.
  • Offers a credential in the grade and subject you want to teach.

Find and Compare Programs

Ready to explore teaching programs? Check out our handy Program Explorer to search for programs that fit your preferences and budget.

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