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Not a One-size-fits-all Gig

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With over 3 million teachers in the US, teaching is a diverse and creative profession pursued by people who hold multiple perspectives and who possess various talents. You will be able to embrace trusted and proven strategies, while also forging your own solutions to challenges. And, rather than fitting some mold, you will determine your identity as a teacher, drawing on your strengths and interests: the more you are your authentic self, the greater impact you’ll make.  

See what it will be like to run your own classroom. 

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Want a career with meaning? Let’s do it!

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Some people get to the end of a lifelong career and wish they would have done things differently. Others look back with pride, knowing they’ve given their all to work with great meaning.Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or somewhere in the middle, you can always decide what kind of leader you want to be and what kind of legacy you’d like to leave.

The Impact You'll Make

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Over the past nine years as a public educator one thing I have found is that teaching is never boring. Each day brings exciting opportunities and challenges. Each class brings new students with different education, language, and home experiences. And each year allows for a chance to try a new learning strategy, classroom design, or parent communication idea.

Natalie Peterson

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