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Your A-Z Guides

Free tools to walk you through the entire process of applying to a teacher preparation program—customized for our partner regions.

What You Get

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Have questions about what it takes to get into your top-choice teacher preparation program?

Guides in our partner regions cover:

  • GPA and Coursework Requirements
  • Test Prep Resources
  • Personal Statement Best Practices (Including a template!)
  • Recommendation Letter Help
  • Financial Aid Guidance

With Guides, you'll know what to expect before you apply

Your Customized Guides

Explore resources that cover the ins and outs of applying in our partner regions.
  • TEACH Colorado

    Find out what you need to apply for an educator preparation program in Colorado.

    CO Guides
  • TEACH Connecticut

    Get the inside scoop on eligibility, assessments and more, with help from Connecticut’s State Department of Education

    CT Guides
  • TeachDFW

    Learn what it takes to apply to teacher preparation programs in the DFW area—from application tips to pre-admissions content tests. 

    DFW Guides
  • TEACH for Houston

    Get best practices for applying to educator preparation programs in Houston. Learn about testing, finances and more.

    HOU Guides
  • TEACH Kansas City

    Future KC teachers can get the inside scoop on eligibility and testing requirements in both Missouri and Kansas. 

    KC Guides
  • TeachNC

    North Carolinians can get an inside look at the nuts and bolts of applying to educator preparation programs.

    NC Guides
  • TEACH California

    Get the details you need to apply to an educator preparation program in California. Get Guides for EligibilityApplications
    Testing and Finances.

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