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Illinois Teachers Loan Repayment Program


This program provides loan forgiveness of up to $5,000 on Federal Stafford Loans to encourage academically talented Illinois students to teach in Illinois schools in low-income areas. To be eligible, candidates must apply and receive loan forgiveness from the federal government's Teacher Loan Forgiveness program for Stafford Loans, including teaching for five years in a high needs subject and/or geographic area.

Check to see if you have the qualifications to participate in or attend your program or institution of interest.


Purpose of FundsMaster's & Certification, Bachelor's & Certification
Eligible Programsn/a
Eligible LocationsIllinois
Education StageCertified Teacher
Require MajorAny

Teaching Commitment
As part of participating in a select program, fellowship, or scholarship, some require you to teach in certain regions and for a set amount of time.

Teaching Commitment

Number of Years5
School TypeMust teach at a high-needs school as defined by the Department of Education