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9 reasons to apply to a teaching program…

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a teacher, now is the time to make your move!
Jul. 01, 2019

9 reasons to apply to a teaching program…

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a teacher, now is the time to make your move!
Jul. 01, 2019

There’s a reason you need a license to teach: It’s a challenging, rewarding career that takes skill, creativity and plenty of practice. It’s also a profession that offers support at every step of the journey, so there’s no reason to wait to start a teacher training program. 💪

Here’s why now is the time to apply.

1. Deadlines are closing ⏰

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To launch your teaching career, you’re going to need to apply to a teacher preparation program. You need some lead time to pull your application materials together, and deadlines are right around the corner! 

Don’t worry though—it’s not too late to get started, and we’ll help you through it. Your career awaits!

2. Applying isn’t as hard as you think 😃

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You’ll need to gather transcripts, get recommendation letters and polish up your resume. And yes, there is probably an essay. Lucky for you, we’ve got the tools to help you get through the process.

Interactive application checklists keep you on track, expert advisers answer your questions, and how-to guides provide insider tips for getting recommendation letters, writing essays and more. You won’t get that kind of support for your Harvard Law app!

3. There’s help for passing those pesky tests 💯

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It’s inevitable—to show you’re qualified to teach your subject, you’ll have to pass a test. But don’t run screaming from the building. 

You can take advantage of a free month of test prep to boost your confidence along with your score. You got this!

4. Teacher training comes with financial aid 💸

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If you’re concerned about costs, there’s good news: You have scholarship opportunities and financial aid options for your teacher training.

If you end up taking loans, Uncle Sam offers several programs that pay back loans and even cancel debt for teachers. (Yes, we said cancel.)  

5. There are SO MANY jobs 🤯

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Right now, teachers are in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “nearly 1.9 million job openings for teachers” by 2020. If you choose a nationwide teacher shortage area like math, bilingual education or special education, you’ll have even more job opportunities. 

The faster you get started on your program, the faster you’ll find that j.o.b.

6. Compensation packages are better than you’ve heard 😲

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If you’ve been worried about making ends meet as a teacher, here’s some good news. In 2017-18, the average public school teacher salary was $60,477. (Keep in mind, this average takes into account teachers who have been on the job for their full careers!) In some states like Connecticut, teachers average $72,000 for their 180-day contract, and many school districts offer innovative compensation packages that reward excellent teachers.

Of course, you’ll likely get discounted health and dental insurance. (And did you know about the pensions, housing assistance and retail discounts?) Hear it from a teacher yourself.

7. There’s a teaching program for your unique background ✨

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Already have a bachelor’s degree? Still in high school? Thinking about switching careers? There’s a teaching program for you. Check out undergraduate options, alternative certification, master’s degrees, Troops to Teachers and dozens of other options. 

There’s even part-time and online programs for working professionals. Need some guidance? Talk to a certified teacher—it’s free!

8. You really, really want to teach 💪

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Teaching isn’t for the faint of heart—but you already knew that. You’re in this for world-changing work that allows you to use your passions and interests every day, for the opportunity to build your career (and maybe even to earn some Michelle-level love). This is work that robots will never be able to replace. Now that’s job security!

Plus, all that good stuff you already know: 180-day work year with flexibility to use extra days to take classes, nurture your hobbies, travel and spend time with your favorite people. Take the first step.

9. There’s every reason to start now 🏃

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You’ve got the passion and the drive, and we’ve got the tools to help you succeed. So now is the time to find your program and apply. Do not throw away your shot!