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Apply to a Program the Easier Way

Get to know the application process for teacher preparation programs, from getting a recommendation letter to testing and financial aid.

Take the Stress Out of Applying

1 on 1 coaching

Have you found the teacher preparation programs you like? It’s time to apply! Don’t worry: We’re always here if you need a boost.

Before you apply

Every program is different, but the one you apply to should:

  • Be approved in the state where you want to teach.
  • Offer training for the specific subject and grade you want to teach.

It’s go time

Your application is a one-stop-shop for admissions officers to review your fit for their program, so remember to make your application materials stand out. Check out the resources below to get you started.

Get Started

Application Resources

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    Find the right program

    We partnered with teacher preparation providers to bring you tools to help you compare training options. Check out our program explorer to start your search.

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  • Woman standing next to stars

    Write a stellar statement of purpose

    Don’t be intimidated by writing a personal statement or statement of purpose. Bring your creativity and your reason for wanting to be an educator, then follow these six steps.

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  • Letters

    Get excellent recommendation letters

    You found a great educator preparation program and you’re excited to apply, but the program wants a letter of recommendation. You know you need to stand out from the crowd, but who do you ask? And how do you ask them?

    We’ve got you covered.


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  • Ace of Spades

    Ace the Teaching Tests

    For some programs, you won’t take your teaching tests until you graduate. For others, you may need to test before entering the program. States set their own tests and rules, but no matter where you’re applying, test prep can really help. See how this Dallas student used prep to her advantage.

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  • Man typing on laptop

    Explore Financial Aid

    You’ve got options to help pay for your teacher preparation program. Search our national database of resources.

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