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Teacher Training Costs & Financial Aid

What exactly is a teaching program? And how much does one cost? Learn what to expect and how to cover your costs.

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What’s a teaching program?

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A teaching program is where you’ll train to become a classroom teacher. This is also sometimes called an educator prep program!

Most teaching programs are through a college or university, but you can also find them through community organizations or school districts. 

What costs should I expect? 

Teaching programs vary, but tuition will generally be your biggest expense. Other common costs include books and supplies, background check fees and any required test fees. 

Some teaching programs get you in the classroom right away, so you’ll get paid. Others are part of a degree program, so you’ll be able to use financial aid.

How much will my teacher training cost?

There’s no one answer to this question, but we’ll go over what you can generally expect. Click on the tabs to learn more about each of these common types of teaching programs.

Financial Aid Vocab

Once you have a sense of your program costs, you can start thinking about financial aid. We know money talk can get confusing—so here are a few key terms to get you started.

Find Financial Aid

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Now that you’ve gotten an overview of what to expect, you can start exploring financial aid options.

Visit the TEACH Financial Aid Explorer for a national database of scholarships, loan forgiveness support, fellowships and more.

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