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Choose Your Teacher Training
Find a teacher preparation program that works with your unique background and interests.
Choose Your Teacher Training
Find a teacher preparation program that works with your unique background and interests.

Choose your own teacher training adventure.


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The ABCs of Teacher Training

Let’s start from the beginning.

  • What’s a teacher preparation program?

    A teacher preparation program equips you with the skills and knowledge to teach in your chosen grade and subject. You need to meet certification requirements from a state-approved program to lead a classroom.

    Many colleges and universities have teacher preparation programs, usually in the school’s college of education. Most states also have options through non-school providers for people who already have a degree.

    Pro Tip: Some states use “TPP” when referring to teacher preparation programs. Others use EPP for educator preparation program. These mean the same thing.

  • What’s the difference between attending a program and getting certified to teach?

    Completing a teacher preparation program is only one of the steps to getting certified to teach. You’ll also need to earn a bachelor’s degree, pass teaching tests and apply for certification. Depending on your state, you may have additional steps.

    If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry, we’ll be with you the whole time to answer questions.

  • What types of programs are there?

    There are teacher preparation programs that cater to almost anyone’s life situation, but the most common are:

    • Undergraduate certification with a bachelor’s degree
    • Post-graduate certification with a master’s degree
    • Post-graduate, certificate only programs
    • Post-graduate, alternative certification

    Head over to About Programs to learn more.

  • What criteria should I use when looking for a teacher preparation program?

    Every program offers its own unique approach to teacher preparation, but you can still compare them. Key criteria that set programs apart include hands-on experience, preparation for diverse populations, mentoring and coaching, and commitment to improvement.

    Get in-depth info about programs in one of our partner regions, or explore our national database:

Explore Programs

We partnered with teacher preparation providers in five partner regions to bring you tools to help you compare training options.

Check out our regional pages to start your search. Each program profile provides an overview of what to expect and insider info from current students or alumni.

Don’t see your region? Let us know!

Application Deadlines

Some programs have rolling deadlines, and others only accept applications a few times a year. 

Review all program deadlines for all partner regions in one place. If you’re ready to apply, you can start an interactive application checklist.

Want Advice?

Get your questions answered with 1-on-1 advice from experts. We’ve got you covered by phone, video and email (text coming soon!). 

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