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A Career Primed for Growth
Learn how your decision to step into education sets you up to pursue varied and exciting career paths.
Learn how your decision to step into education sets you up to pursue varied and exciting career paths.

As a Teacher Find Many Paths

Expand Your Leadership

Hone your skills, build expertise, and help fellow educators in their journey. As you become a seasoned teacher with skills to share with others, you can grow professionally without having to fully give up the opportunity to remain in the classroom working with students directly.

School Leadership

Thrive in leadership roles at your school. The opportunity to grow beyond your classroom responsibilities are numerous. Your professional path may expand into positions where you oversee everything from the budget to the performance of the entire teaching staff. Check out these school-level leadership gigs and what they entail.   

Education Products and Services

The skills you learn as a teacher can prepare you to develop products and services for teachers and schools. Whether you balance multiple ventures while teaching or decide to apply your skill elsewhere, teaching will prepare you to excel. Consider these few paths as a sampling of possible opportunities:

Policy, Advocacy, and Academia

Further your commitment to education by sharing what you know with new audiences. Your career may naturally lead to a role where you are advocating for an issue, pursuing policy positions, and/or moving into academic research. Here are a few opportunities that you may consider:

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Design a Roadmap
A career in education is anything but static. It’s filled with growth, options, and opportunities. Keep exploring and a get a personalized roadmap to think through next steps that fit your stage and circumstances.
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