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Albertus Magnus College is a four-year, private, liberal arts, co-educational college offering undergraduate and graduate programs. It was founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Albertus was the first Catholic, liberal arts, residential college for women in New England. It has been co-educational since 1985. Albertus offers more than 50 undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations and 11 graduate programs. The Dominican tradition is the driving force of all that makes Albertus Magnus College an excellent academic community in which to grow. Not only is the pursuit of Veritas, or truth, shown in the well-rounded, exploratory liberal arts curriculum that supports every major, but it is also noticeable in the everyday interactions between students and their peers, faculty and the surrounding New Haven community. Students at Albertus Magnus College are curious, and they are always seeking new ways to approach scholarly challenges and social issues alike in an attempt to grow as lifelong learners and successful members of their community. Thanks to its diverse student population, wide range of academic concentrations, and supportive, personally invested faculty members, the College is alive with a world of vibrancy and mutual respect.

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The professors at Albertus go above and beyond what they do in the classroom; they are there for students in all aspects of their lives. I cannot imagine receiving the education I have thus far received at Albertus anywhere else.


Albertus Magnus College


Bachelor’s & certification

Department of Education and Teacher Preparation

  • 48 months

    Program Duration

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Program Info

When you study to become a teacher at Albertus Magnus College, you learn to guide and facilitate others’ learning by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject. In the Dominican tradition, your education includes a strong liberal arts program rooted in scholarship and practical application. Completers of the program carry content knowledge and pedagogical skills necessary for successful classroom teaching into the job market. Those who complete the initial teacher preparation program at Albertus Magnus College enter the job market fully prepared to establish in their own classrooms with their students small communities of learning committed to upholding the Dominican pillars of scholarship, contemplations, service and community.

Albertus offers an approved, pre-professional education program leading to initial teacher certification in a number of subject area endorsements. Candidates may choose to prepare to teach at the middle (grades 4-8) or secondary (grades 7-12) levels. Candidates may seek endorsement in the following subject areas: Art (pre-K-12), Biology (7-12), Business (7-12), Chemistry (7-12), English (4-8; 7-12), General Science (4-8; 7-12), History/Social Studies (4-8; 7-12), Mathematics (4-8; 7-12) and Spanish (7-12). The initial teacher preparation program has a rolling admission.


Application Fee & Annual Tuition

  • $40,281

    In State Tuition

  • $40,281

    Out of State Tuition

  • $35

    Application Fee

Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Albertus Magnus College have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Albertus Magnus College to see if you can, too!



Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

Traditional undergraduate day students may be eligible for the a variety of financial assistance, including a combination of federal grants, state grants and scholarships, and institutional grants and scholarships based on need and merit.


Student Loans, Payroll Deduction

All Albertus Magnus students who borrow federal student loans have several repayment options, including but not limited to, graduated repayment plans, extended repayment plans, and income contingent repayment plans.


Loan Forgiveness

Albertus Magnus College has partnered with Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), which can help certain students repay their educational loans after graduation.


Work Study, Working While Still Enrolled

Traditional undergraduate day students may qualify for either the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program or the Community Federal Work-Study (CFWS) Program. Students are initially awarded $2,000 for FWS or $3,000 for CFWS.

For more information visit:Financial Aid Office


Art, Grades Pre-K-12
Biology, Grades 7-12
Business, Grades 7-12
Chemistry, Grades 7-12
English, Grades 7-12
English, Middle School, Grades 4-8
General Science, Grades 7-12
General Science, Middle School, Grades 4-8
History & Social Studies, Grades 7-12
History & Social Studies, Middle School, Grades 4-8
Mathematics, Grades 7-12
Mathematics, Middle School, Grades 4-8
Spanish, Grades 7-12
For more information, visit: Admissions

Program Semesters/Steps Overview

Albertus Magnus offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to initial teacher certification. Teacher candidates complete approximately 110 field/clinical experience before student teaching. The curriculum sequence for education courses is below. Notes: * after a course indicates it includes field experience; ** indicates course is required of all teacher candidates for CT teacher certification.

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