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University of North Texas at Dallas
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The University of North Texas at Dallas is the only public, accredited four year university in Dallas. We offer our students the most affordable tuition plans in the region to help them blaze a trail toward their degree and minimize student debt. 

Whether you’re the first in your family to attend college, or a professional looking to take the next step in your education and career, students are at the heart of everything we do. Our value-based education is accompanied by innovative, high-quality academic programs that include opportunities for rich experiential learning. Our graduates don’t just leave UNT Dallas with a diploma – they leave equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to land a job.

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  • Dallas, TX
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The Emerging Teacher Institute not only opened the doors to higher education for me, but also encouraged me to go back into my community and help make a change. My experience at ETI was one of a kind, from getting to create a second family to leaving with a great amount of knowledge that will allow me to help others.

Lesley Guerra

University of North Texas at Dallas
Bachelor’s & certification
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification
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Bachelor's & cert.
  • B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification
  • Emerging Teacher Institute for Current UNT Dallas Undergrads
Master’s & cert.
  • Master’s Degree with Teacher Certification Program
  • Graduate Teacher Certification Program
Bachelor’s & certification
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification
  • From 12 to 48 months
    Program Duration
    Program duration can vary based on the number of courses taken per semester, summer semester enrollment, as well as other factors
  • Hybrid
    Program Format
    Combination of in-person and online courses.
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Program Info

The UNT Dallas School of Education isn’t your traditional teacher preparation program.  We are the Emerging Teacher Institute: a community of change-makers who have answered the call to teach, lead, and shape our city’s future.
We believe great teachers are born and made.  At the Emerging Teacher Institute, future educators work in collaboration with dedicated faculty, community-based organizations and local schools to cultivate the habits, passion, and practices exhibited by life-changing educators.  Here, competency-based coursework, clinical experience and social-emotional training distinguish our students, almost all of whom graduate with permanent teaching positions.  

Local Leaders. Local Impact. Most students choose the Emerging Teacher Institute because of our proximity and our partnerships with the great schools. They stay because our faculty will do anything to help them succeed. We also put a cap on tuition to better set our students up for financial success after graduation.
We are the Emerging Teacher Institute.  We are about the future – yours and theirs. Will you answer the call?

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  • From 12 to 48 months
    Program Duration
    Program duration can vary based on the number of courses taken per semester, summer semester enrollment, as well as other factors
  • Hybrid
    Program Format
    Combination of in-person and online courses.
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Tuition & Fees
In State Tuition
Out of State Tuition
Application Fee
Cost Offsets
Students at University of North Texas at Dallas have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with University of North Texas at Dallas to see if you can, too!
Work Study

Up to $4000 a year
Work study opportunities are available on campus.


Up to $4000 a year

Federal TEACH Grants

Up to $8000 a year
Charles Butt Aspiring Teacher Scholarship for incoming students who demonstrate specific characteristics and skills while showing commitment to teaching in a high needs area or school.

Up to $8000 a year
US State Department of Education Bilingual Educators in Community and Schools (BECAS) Scholarship; Representative Roberto Alonzo Scholarship; and Touch the Future School of Education Faculty Sponsored Scholarship to students who show academic excellence and who are already admitted into the Emerging Teacher Institute Program.

Up to $5000 a year
UNT Dallas Institutional Scholarships for incoming freshmen (must apply by Dec 1 or March 1)

Up to $4000 a year
UNT Dallas Instutional Scholarships for incoming transfer students (must apply by Dec 1 or March 1)

For more information visit: Financial Aid Office
Provides information on the types of credentials one can gain by becoming certified to teach through this specific program of interest.
Subject Area(s)
  • English/Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Program "Step" Overview

  • Semester 1

    Most coursework during this semester is focused on building subject-area expertise in your area of certification. Students have the chance to take classes in the School of Education and School of Liberal Arts and Sciences as they sharpen their intellect. These courses are important foundations to the upcoming Teacher Education courses and certification exams. This is a great time to begin a paid education internship or to join a student club like Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO), Association of Black Student Educators (ABSE) or Spanish Students Organization (SSO).

  • Semester 2

    Teacher Education coursework begins with a focus on Foundations to Education, Pedagogy, and ESL/Bilingual Strategies. Students begin learning how to translate their area expertise into strategies that allow them to respond to learner’s needs. Students take diagnostic certification exams to identify where they need additional upcoming support. During this semester, students begin working with younger children to apply learning. They are supervised by faculty so they can get frequent feedback as they learn how to teach and assess student learning.  

  • Semester 3

    Clinical I coursework includes methods classes focused on content-specific pedagogy. Coursework includes community based experiences, such as science presentations at the Perot Museum or visits to the Dallas Arboretum. Students also begin spending 1-2 days in the field each week in an assigned school with a mentor teacher. During Clinical I, students start by observing a teacher and end the semester responsible for leading small group learning. The semester culminates with students practicing an observation cycle complete with a video analysis to prepare for Clinical II.

  • Semester 4

    Clinical II coursework is field experience based. Students are assigned to a school and two mentor teachers (in a lower and upper grade) where they will engage in six different co-teaching models throughout the semester. Students debrief their experiences during a clinical seminar class, benefit from informal feedback from a supervisor and complete four video analyses/formal observations of their teaching practice. The semester ends with opportunities for preferential hiring in local school districts, and of course—the most exciting experience of all – graduation!

Program Hallmarks

  • Hands-On Experience

    The Emerging Teacher Institute is competency-based and offers its students significant experiences and opportunities to practice and co-teach in classrooms with experienced master teachers. As one of the handful of programs in the region offering a full year clinical experience before graduation, combined with video-based feedback and reflection through state-of-the-art technology, ETI facilitates a deeper understanding of the classroom setting, the challenges teachers face and what it takes to foster student wellbeing and achievement.

  • Preparation for Diverse Populations

    At ETI, students will be exposed to innovative methods in critical disciplines such as STEM, special education, bilingual education and English as a Second Language (ESL). This ensures UNT Dallas graduates will be in high-demand across the region. We prepare students to work with diverse populations with unique needs, including students in poverty and students with different racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.

  • Mentoring & Coaching

    UNT Dallas provides a mentor/coach to journey with each student throughout their clinical experiences and provide meaningful feedback as they hone their craft. ETI provides cutting-edge instructional techniques and practices for undergraduate and graduate students at UNT Dallas, while also providing a strong peer support network and professional development resources for graduates already in the classroom. Mental health, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning opportunities are provided to students and teachers as a means to ensure they know how to take care of themselves in a demanding profession.

  • Commitment to Improvement

    At ETI, our graduates are in high demand across the region due to our innovative methods in disciplines such as STEM, special education, bilingual education and English as a Second Language (ESL). To ensure students receive the best possible training, ETI works closely with school districts, private schools and charter networks throughout North Texas, as well as partners with community-based institutions like the renowned Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Momentous Institute, Mastermind, and The Dallas Zoo.

Total Enrollment
Program Completers
Acceptance Rate
  • Male
  • Female
  • 33%
  • 67%
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Asian
  • Black
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
  • White
  • Two or more races
  • 0%
  • 2%
  • 15%
  • 68%
  • 0%
  • 16%
  • 0%
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Applicant Info

The Emerging Teacher Institute (ETI) at UNT Dallas believes that teaching is a sacred calling. ETI recognizes that teaching is more than test prep and rote memorization. It’s about inspiring the next generation of game changers. It’s about encouraging students to try harder and be better than they thought possible. Great teachers help students overcome mental, emotional, physical, and socioeconomic challenges. They innovate communities by transforming the lives of young people and their families.

The UNT Dallas School of Education is the most affordable, public four-year education program in the region.
Average cost of attendance is $7,850 per year, including tuition and fees. UNT Dallas goes the extra mile to make sure students receive the financial aid they need to make their career goals possible. More than 80% of UNT Dallas School of Education students qualify for financial aid including need-based scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities. After graduation, teachers with a UNT Dallas degree and certification are in high demand.