Teacher Appreciation Week
Behind every great teacher is a personal journey, smart programming and mentorship that counts.
Behind every great teacher is a personal journey, smart programming and mentorship that counts.

Every year, Teacher Appreciation Week gives us the chance to honor educators who touch our lives and shape the future of our world. They prove that teaching is a call to action.

Learn about Kelly Villar's mission to join the Iditarod sled dog race, how teachers use lived experience in the classroom, how Pamela Stoot found her music career in education, and how Amirah Pughsley champions the most vulnerable students.

When You Go the Distance

Kelly Villar has been a teacher for 19 years—but her biggest journey yet is just beginning. Kelly has been selected as the 2020 Teacher on the Trail™ for the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska. 

Learn how this Connecticut teacher brought her passion for the race into the classroom and then out on the trail.

When You Model Perseverance

School felt like a blur for Ta-Tanisha Jefferson. Living through daily challenges, she remembers going to school so she could have breakfast, a lunch and a toilet that flushed. With perseverance, encouragement and a transformative college experience, she now helps her students navigate their own life journeys.

Learn how Ta-Tanisha thrived through mentorship.

When You Live Your Vision

Pamela Stoot vowed never to become a teacher. She was going to be a musician. In college, she had an “aha moment” and found her music career at last—in the classroom.

Now, she’s produced more than 30 musical programs and leads the All Star Boyz Step Team! Discover Pamela's path.

When You Are the Solution

Amirah Pughsley has loved helping others since she volunteered in a second grade classroom when she was in middle school. In college, she developed a strong desire to help children with the most ubiquitous needs of all. So she earned a bachelor’s degree in special education.

Still helping students everyday, she recently become her district's Teacher of the Year! Learn about Amirah's leadership.  

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