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What do you know about teacher compensation?

Test your knowledge about teacher salary and compensation

Author: Samantha Blann

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It's important to find the right career fit: one that balances

salary, solid benefits, and the opportunity to pursue your passions and interests.

This particular mix makes teaching is a compelling option for many.

And teachers should be paid fairly. We're inspired by the states and school districts that make this possible, so we're making sure the truths of the career are front and center for those considering the profession.

What are your assumptions about teacher compensation? Take the quiz below or jump to the facts, if you're more of a reader.

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It pays to teach

Teaching is a commitment, no doubt, but it comes with big rewards—monetary, personal and professional. Take our quiz above to test your knowledge about teacher compensation, or find out how Miranda Korschun is living her best life as a teacher.

If you're more of a reader, check out the sections below. (Spoiler alert: Quiz answers are in there, so choose wisely. ?)

The facts about teacher compensation

Ready to learn more? We’ve got you covered.

Check out Salary & Benefits for a deep dive.

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