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How to Become a Teacher

There are many pathways to becoming a teacher, whether you're an undergrad, school staff member or changing careers. Wherever you're starting, we'll walk you through the process, step-by-step.

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Great teachers are always in demand.

As part of a dynamic professional workforce, teachers help shape lives and strengthen communities. If you’re ready to bring your creativity and passion to work, we’ll help you find the path to the classroom that’s right for you!

To teach in a public school, you'll need to enroll in a teaching program and earn a teaching certificate (some states call it a license — but it's the same thing). Here are the steps you'll need to find a program and enroll.
  1. 1

    Learn about certification.

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    To teach in a public school, you’ll need to get a teaching certificate or license. It's a good idea to review certification requirements up front, so you can figure out your next steps.

    Understand Certification
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    Choose your teaching program.

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    There are a ton of great teaching programs out there, and it can be hard to know what to look for. We can help with that! Take a look at our criteria to help you choose the right fit.

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    Apply with confidence.

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    Program applications have a lot of steps. Luckily, we've got advice for all your application needs, including how to write your personal statement, ask for a letter of recommendation and more.

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    Pay for your program.

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    When you're choosing a program, it's understandable to have an eye on finances. We'll guide you through some common financial aid lingo, plus help you get started with finding the right resources.

Want to keep exploring?

We know this is a big decision, so take the time you need to explore your options and do your research. Here are a few more resources that can help.
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